About Us

Ensign Athletics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aligned with the principles and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our mission is to support youth and young adults who love sports and seek to follow Jesus Christ, whatever their faith may be. We empower young athletes to achieve the highest levels of success in their spiritual, educational and athletic pursuits.

In an era of competing priorities, Ensign Athletics offers teens a global community of people with similar interests, values and beliefs.

Our organization designed a unique and safe social media platform that connects world-class athletes known as “ambassadors” with young athletes. Ambassadors come from different backgrounds and represent a variety of sports.

We have also developed educational online programming called EnsignU. Ambassadors and experts such as coaches, health and wellness professionals and seminary teachers created uplifting and authentic messages specifically for today’s youth.

EnsignU content is available to all Ensign Athletics members. There is no membership fee but users must create an account and be at least 13 years old.


Our mission is to create and support mentoring relationships that assist youth, parents and coaches in their journey toward spiritual, educational and athletic excellence.


Forging a global community by providing youth, parents and coaches with an uplifting social media platform along with relevant educational resources addressing critical issues. 


  1. Faith: Coming unto Christ (Moroni 10:32)
  2. Obedience: Being True at all times (Alma 53:20)
  3. Charity: Loving one another (John 13:34)
  4. Humility: Trusting the Lord (D&C 112:10)